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more things for my watchers, and pimp up my DA page and make it more appealing.
This is entirerly optimal and not required.

If the goal is reached, i will make a big Thank You art for all of you.

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Journal History


Artist | Digital Art
I am an artist with a great pashion for indie games and game making. I love to draw art with Paint.Net.

I consider myself to be, a bit of a jack of all trades. I dont have (or atleast think i dont) have a style that i focus mainly on.
Depending on my mood or reasons, you might see these following types of art.
Fanarts, traps (aka girly guys), cartoonish, somewhat more realistic, 3D arts and some other stuff. It all depends on waht i feel like doing.
For the most part, girly guys are probably my favorite type of art i do, so you might see me upload more of those.
I may also upload some chibi styled arts from time to time

Also, for newcommers, what i have is Aphasia, wich is a dreaded brain damage i got as a kid, wich has casued me all sorts of
problems. If you like to know more about it, you may use Google about it.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
:squee: :heart: -My platonic friend and the most amazing artist ever!-:heart: :squee:
:tighthug: Whatever happens, i will never give up on you. :tighthug:
----My Friends-----
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel: :iconsakurabel: :iconxartisticsparkx:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:


Fluff that goes Floof by Cebius
Fluff that goes Floof
Bought this design adopt from :iconprompt0: some time after when the original buyer didnt sent any money or points and was long overdue.
Since The guy or gal didnt sent anything and was silent, i took that oppertunity and bought it with points.

I had quite a bit of fun drawing this when it comes with colors. Normaly i would put the original adopt art in teh corner as a reference but its not included.
Reference of the art and gift can be found here…

Got any feedback? Please do share!
Another ID Art by Cebius
Another ID Art
its been awhile since i made a new ID pic, well, it was this year but still, i been doign alot of improvement since then.
Here i tried out a little different way of making the eyes. The steps are the same but added a few adjustements to them.

Got any feedback? Please do share.
OC Art: Aribeth
Another one of my ancient OCs that never been on the internet.
Aribeth is a humanoid, geneticly modified feline hybrid that is capable of shape shifting into 2 different forms.
Her hybrid feline form gives her the ability to grow out extra limbs from sockets on her body and can
retract them at will, but due to them being extra limbs, more energy and food is required, so to save scuh energy and food, she need to
remove those extra limbs by ripping them off from her body.
She belongs to an old rpg game i was making over 10 years ago and now recently, since the release of Eddie meduza Legend Never Dies game,
i have decided that i be remaking that old project, so right now, i am redoing the concepts of the characters.


Aribeth is a 16 year old girl, adopted when she was very young. During many years of her growing up, she was treated badly by the local
villagers. While her step parents tried their best to protect her, they where powerless to stop the local villagers to attack Aribeth
with pitchforks and torches, but this, angered her into self defence, causing her to transform into her feline form, and massacared the entire village out
of sadness and rage and anger.

Since then, Aribeth has been on the run away from any form of population until she recently found Cerbius, The protagonist of the game.
While she was scared most of the time, she felt comfort from Cerbius who was a gentle giant and very protective of her.
During the most dire moments when her feline form was in berserk, Cerbius was one of the very few who could survive the pure strength of this
hybrid and calm her down.

Since many of these moments, she views Cerbius as her surgate father whom she can trust and feel safe with.

In this art, i went and remade the old concept of an old OC of mine. Here i also went and trie dout doing blood effects and i think it turned out nicely.

Got any feedback? Please do share!
Eddie Meduza Legend Never Dies v0.9 by Cebius
Eddie Meduza Legend Never Dies v0.9
Finaly, Eddie Meduza: Legend Never Dies is finaly out! Somewhat anyways...
The game has a long way to go but its alot closer to fully finished than before.
There are many areas that still need to be fully fixed and redecorated but i be adding a patch for those soon.

Download link here:…

Please follow the install instruction below in the Install Intructions section. For the love of god, follow it.

Did you know, that true legends never really, dies. Infact,
quite the opposite. Some legends might be forgotten to many,
but for some, the strength of such things,
can turn the tide, of a dying world.

I will tell, you a story, of a man who once gave happiness,
to a sad people in the old days. His songs, gave the people
not only happiness and joy, but also tears.

his talents as an artist, is not forgotten, only hidden.
In a world called Eiruka, is where he lives now. Eiruka,
is a world ruled by Hysketon, by harsh laws and brutality.

So where did he aquire such power? Nobody really knows, nobody, remembers.
But it is a fact, that, when Eiruka is ruled by this tyrant, there is no peace.

Many rumors, says that Hysketon, will reopen,
old gates that was built, by an ancient alien species,
called The Progenitors. While many claim such thing as a urban myth,
one man, will soon find out, that such myths, can be true.

----Install Intructions-----
To install this game, you need to follow the instructions that is provided
within the PNG image file inside the rar file as the font used for the installer doesnt exist and
also, to make the font work correctly ingame, and any possible error message.

Now the basics, installing.
Run the Setup. Now, you may notice that the installer's texts are all weird.
That is normal. If you are running Windows 98, then what the hell man?
But hey, if you do, chances are that the texts are normal, but beyond that,
such as on Windows Vista, 7 8 and 10, the texts are all weird.

Now, check the Install Instruction.PNG file for help, it will help to explain things.
Now, install the game as you see fit.

Once that is done, its important to follow this step for making teh ingame texts to look

there are 4 files within the Fonts rar file here…
You absolutly need this!


All these are font files. They are originaly part of Windows 98 font files.
When you first installed the tools or the game itself, it would copy these files but since
how different the fonts system was, it cant find them.
So to fix the problem, copy these 4 files into the Fonts folder of your comptuer.
You can find it by going to the Controll Panel and Fonts sould be there.
This might be called differently depending on the languadge, but it can be found
in the Controll Panel.

Now that is done, you are all set right? Perhaps.
If you start teh game and it says that harmony.DLL is missing, thats becasue it is.
For wahtever reason, it doesnt copy the harmony.DLL file, even if i include into the
game folder itself where it belongs.

If this message appears, you can manualy copy the file and take it to the
game folder. Once done, you sould be good to go!

If got any problems, may it be ingame or technical, please do ask and i do my best
to answer them!
----Development History-----

I created this game for an classmate of mine more than 10 years ago. It all began near the
end of the school day. My classmate loved Eddie Meduza alot and loved his songs.
As i got more and more skilled with game development, i thought of making
a game based on eddie meduza for him.

This is where things got interesting. The development began and i told him i be
making a game for him about eddie meduza, in wich he loves the idea.
I had 3 years as a deadline to finish the game, so day and night, around 5 or 7
hours a day i was working on the game. Half of the problem of getting the game
ready was that i didnt knew how to use the game making program to its fullest,
so the development went a differnt direction and i took lazy shortcuts.

I had alot of plans and ideas for the game, but i couldnt finish them in time
to complete the game due to the 3 year deadline. As the game was around 76%
done, the last school year was at hand.
At that point, only half of the dialogs was written, and all of the battles
where far to difficult for a casual gamer to handle.
Half way through the school year, things got alot more complicated.

all of the .wav files in the music folder was around 2 gb in total, and
back then DVDs wherent widely used in my school, so i had to cut most
of the songs away. Movie files with cutscenes where planned but scrapped due
to size problems.

When the game was very near completion, the worst possible thing happened.
As i was working around the game to fix some of the final bugs, the external
HHD that i kept the game in, crashed. To my horrors, not only did i wasted 3 years
of work, but also, i couldnt forfill a promise i made.

That was 10 years ago. Around 2010, i found the old external hdd laying around collecting
dust. To my curiosity, i just took the USB cables and hook it up just to see what would
happened, then, to my suprise, my Windows 7 did some strange things to the HDD, and then,
it ran perfectly.

All files that was in it that was stored back in 2003, was there, intact, untoched since
10 years ago. I checked around all the files it had, and around the rubble of files, i found
the old Eddie Meduza project. I installed my old game making program and opened the game, but
the game was a total mess. Whatever i did back then was horrible.

There was no even trigger scripts, there where no balance in gameplay, no side quests or
anything. Alot of things where unfinished and many of the features such as the
gladiator arena, was so glitched it crashes the game, and around a specific point in the
game, you couldnt continue due to a bug.

As i was looking around the project, i thought to myself, why not rewamp and release
this old game to the public? And so it began. I began to translate the game and
fixed everything that was broken. I began to add things i originaly planned to have in
the past. I began to expand and rewamp all of the areas in the game and made them
more detailed. I added more NPCs that could talk and more.

I also balanced all the battles, remade some of the scenes in the game, and
fixed all the game breaking bugs.

And this is where it ends. Finaly after 10 years in development hell, its finaly
done. I wished i could have finsihed it in the past, but then again, i probably wouldnt
had released it to the public either if that was the case.

Eddie Meduza was an incredibly creative artist who deserves to be remembered, and this
game, showed my dedication to honor him, and to all his fans out there.


All copyrighted materials, from sprites, musics, sound effects and more belongs to their respected
owners and no profit has been made on this project.
Malwina by Cebius
I sould have done this one sooner, but oh well, better late than never.

In any case, in 2011, i met Malwina, my girlfriend. How we actualy met is pretty funny
to think about since we didnt met on a dating website or whatever. We met at
Moddb.Com, a modding website for games.

Back then, i was working on a Crysis 2 mod, The Chepter machines, and she was one of my
fans at the time.

She asked me one day for help as the mod didnt wanted to start.
After exchanging some words, we added eachother on skype as it was easier that way to
help, and, well, it evolved from there.

We began to become friends and we talked often and she helped me to test out many
different mods that i make before i publish them.

Then one day, fast forward to the future, in 2012, we decided that, i be visiting her in Poland.
After an unholy amount of effort of saving moeny, i finaly began my journey, wich was a long,
painful one as my body was in worse pain at the time (For those that dont know, i currently
have spinal and pelvis pains due to damages in the past, wcih to this day is still in recovery).

Also due to my aphasia, i was getting lost most of the time, but thankfully, there where
good people who helped me out.

Then i finaly got to Ystad, he harbor town that had Unity Line.
Once abord, the journey began.

Once i got to poland, i went and stayed at the hotel there and well, that is where
we became a couple. And the rest is history basicly.

As with any couple, we had our ups and downs (seriosuly, no couple lives in a fictional
fantasy world where a relationship is perfect), but things where going pretty good
more or less, just like any couple.

As time went on, things started to evolve pretty much and til today.

Got any feedbacks? Please do share!
Now, this journal is going to be long, very long, so if you dont have the
patience for it, you dont need to read it, but for those that love reading
long messages or whatever, do feel free to read.

Now, whats this journal about? I stated before in the art
*The big Fluff that started it* on how me and :iconprompt0: met.
But i never gave a full version of the story, and how it went, and
how things where before we met. I can only share my experience from my side, so
if you want to know more from Prompt0's side, you have to ask him.

Now to the store. It all started in August 28 of 2015.
An art, just titled, 7, was uploaded.
Now, how did i discover the art itself? Well the way i did it was pretty
weird for many, but let us say that my curiosity got the best of me (and im glad
it did).

I was in poland at the time, and i was sitting in my girlfriend's bed, drinking some
coffee while she was browsing Deviantart for the latest deviations (as you know,
the lastest deviations often are either good ones, or mundane, or jsut plain
werid ones). Out of all that i saw, there was this pink bright colorful art that i saw
for a second or 2.

I picked up my phone and acivated the Wi-fi (wich took forever as my phone is a dumbass),
and went to deviantart and scrolled. After a good, 15 minutes of searching, and within
the massive pile of hairy genitals, ms paint monstrosities and other garbage, i found
waht i was looking for, this, uber adorable art.

I went to it and saw that the art was probably the most beautifully colored art i ever
seen, so i went and faved it and posted a comment.
Now at the time, i got no response, wcih was due to the fact that
Prompt0 was busy preparing the deviantart account, so he had little time
answering comments (While also combating his medical condition that was alot
worse at the time).

Now at the time, i was in the same boat as the rest of the watchers. Waiting for more
arts to see what more incredible arts he could do.
(and i keep reminding him about how beautiful his arts are).
At the time, he went and posted a journal that was kinda like an introduction
page where he talked about who he was, his medical condition and the benzo/clonaz withdrawal,
his past events on previous deviantart accoutns (Back then, you had no option to rename your account),
the false stories that people keep telling about him and how much they wanted him dead etc etc
(seriosuly you guys, what do you gain of saying such a thing to someone with such medical condition?)

Now, most of those times, he also posted venting out journals, some where lyrics from some song,
some where him venting out due to frustration or sadness, whatever the case may be.
While alot of the watchers where eager for his arts and bases and adopts, amoung them, was me, jsut
as eager but at the same time, i was also very concerned about him, even if we never exchanged words before, but
maybe becasuse of his introduction where he stated that he was in a very bad medical condition, and was near
dying most of the time.

Then one day, he asked the watchers if they wanted his skype name. Then the next one came by where he
did posted it, and by curiosity, i just left mine there at his page and added him on skype and waited.
Some day later, he accepted the friends request and we started chatting.

Before, we never talked to someone in an actual conversation, so that was new for both of us, but
at the same time, it was, neat.

As we began talking more and more, we began to notice that we share similar hobbies, both in video
games, arts, movies, tv series and more. We love pretty much similar things and the chemistry
was spot on. Unlike my previous friends i met before that i met during important milestones in my
life, never had i met anyone just like him before.

In the past, any friend i met has always been selfish in one way or another, or simple never had the
ability to understand my past, nor my aphasia, but Prompt0, nailed it.
He understands me much better than anyone else i ever met.

So during these past weeks, as we shared stories and whatnot, things certainly had its ups and downs.
During certain days, i had experienced alot of things with him, and each time during distressful times,
i began to udnerstnad more and more of what he was going through.

Now, for most people, might be wondering *But Simon, whats so horrible about withdrawal effects?*.
Well, let me tell you. Unlike your typical headaches, or pains you get from other problems,
withdrawal effect from a drug can have extreme effects, both mentaly, physicly and medicaly.
Withdrawal effects arent something you take lightly.

Now, aside from that, he had to endure shit from all kinds of people, may it be from liars who spread
stories, and the usual problems that happens at home, whatever the case may be.
During these past years, certainly wasnt making it easy for Prompt0.

But the begs the question that you might have, what is it that makes me and him best friends after this
long journey? It was something i been wondering that myself for a long time, but i do know why.
Its the ability to think outside the box. We dont see the world in black or white (Like, its either this or that
kind of viewpoint). We simply can talk about pretty much everything, and jsut, goof around or whatever comes
to mind.

In my case, i always have been using the same mindset. I hear about a problem, i ask about them, they share it.
Then i opening up the said problem by disecting it, then observe its content, then theorize about different
outcomes and conclutions, and observe each conclution that could be the right one. If i am uncertain, i ask
more questions. And this is something Promtp0 was doing himself, and the way he understands me and my past was
something refreshing. Ofcorse, this mindset is what people see as unhealthy or unusual, something that
makes people shake their heads as they think highly of themselves as kings and queens.

In the past, aside from a selected few, i always stubmled upon assholes. Many in witch i have removed from my
life. I will not mention your names here if you are these people, but you know who you are.

I guess that be all, so let me end the journal with this conclution. Your life cant be complete without a best friend,
so if you have one, please make sure that you give them as much love and caring as you can,
as each person who has a best friend, have a compatible chemistry with eachother as best friends.
Even if you have a partner, may it be married one, a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever the case may be, there is
always a good idea to have a best friend who can back you up during heavy times in your life.

that be all everyone.
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Whatver comes to mind
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier and Idubbz videos
  • Playing: Whatever i feel like playing
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee

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