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Dream Journal: Softness of Light by Cebius
Dream Journal: Softness of Light
Now this is something i havent thought about in a long time. Before i got Paint.Net, i had all kinds of vivid, and sometimes amazing dreams but due to the limitation of MS Paint, i couldnt bring them to life, until now.

Back in 2013, i was dreaming about this strange, world where you stand on a glass like platform that has a soft touch to it, like cotton. Pillars of light rising from this surface, and flat, square shaped glowing platforms.
The sky was completely opaque black. All lights came from the light pillars and the platofrm.
In the middle of this platform however, was this cutie looking alien being. He had 4 purple glowing eyes, long, fluffy blond hair and a gentle stature.
His voice was dark, yet gentle, kind and benevolent.

Calm and collected, he spoke to me with his kind voice *The experience you have felt have made you fragile, but remember this, you have risen from a place where others have fallen.*.
-----Info on the art---

now this one, is probably one of my favorite arts i so far have made. Unlike the black outlined arts, this one is centered around soft lgihts. Like i mentioned before, i havent been able to draw this art until now.

Critics and Commetns are wellcome.
Wildstar: Diesel punk Aurin by Cebius
Wildstar: Diesel punk Aurin
Ever draw a rifle? An M1 Garand to be exact? Not me, this is my first.
Anyways, this was a request of a friend who wanted a new avatar image, and here it is, an art with 2 things he likes, Diesel punk and foxes.
I took what we have here, an Aurin and gave him a Diesel punk makeover and this is the results.

For you weapon, OCD extremist out there, yes i bet i forgot some microscopic details on the rifle, but hey, its my first.

Critics and comments are wellcome.
Dream journal: Gemini by Cebius
Dream journal: Gemini
One night, i had this strange, weird dream that started out somewhat horribly, and ended up into something, neat in a strange way.

What i saw and expereinced in the dream was strange, but as i said, started horribly. At one point, i met, well, my father. For me and my family, that would be a horrible experience, so in the dream, it
was not pleasant and it could have been worse if he did what he intended to do in the dream, but waht changed the dream into something better was this strange, creature.

This, 2 headed, geneticly corrupted being, attacked and mutilated my father into peices. It was making growls and clicking sounds while doing so.
After its, well, feast, it looked at me. Obviously  i was scared, but it let out a gentle, more friendlier tone, indicating that i was a friend.
How it could see the different between me and my father as enemy and friend isnt understood yet, but whatever the case may be, this creature, is certainly a rare case.

From waht i could remebmer from the dream, while it has one body, it is infact 2 induviduals acting togheter. The more human like head, while it has a crazed look, seems to act the more for reasoning and
thinking (though mostly child like in behavior), and has a nervous, but gentle tone while speaking, suprisingly in english. The 2nd head, has a more, deformed monstrosity visual. This one makes clicks and groans, and might sometimes say some words, and this one is more agressive, but not against me for whatever reason.

Another thing that i remember was this, Shadow Version of this creature. I dont know what it represented, but it was watchful, and often faded out when i got to close.

I dont know what this dream represented, or what message it carried to me, but perhaps one day i might figure it out.
In this art, i managed to get a more realistic body design and pose (if you exclude the 2 heads), and for the first time in history, REAL HANDS!
I used to suck at drawing hands, but now, i guess i nailed it down.

Critics and comments are wellcome.
Deus Ex: Adam jensen by Cebius
Deus Ex: Adam jensen
Since Deus Ex: Mankind divided is comming soon, i might as well making an art of Adam.
This art is the very first art where i made a beard. I thought it would be alot more difficult, but to ym suprise it wasnt. 

Critis and comments are wellcome.
Wildstar Character: Staleja by Cebius
Wildstar Character: Staleja
Another art of one of my Wildstar characters, this time, it is Staleja, a combat Medic. This one took quite some time, but fun non the less.
This time i went and did some practice on different body builds, and it seems that it is alot easier in Paint.Net (Will i be mentioning it forever?).

Critics and Comments are wellcome.
Well, it certainly has been many many years since i choose a new DA icon, and the 2 times i changed was on Hello Kitty.
Havent changed since, until now.

I thoguht of choosing my Self portrait art as my new icon. Much more fresh and new.

in other news, well, what more? I guess that The Eddie Meduza project is almost out the door, i just have to figure out how to pack the game and make it as easy to install as possible,
but we see how it will go.

That be all for now folks.

-----9th Gateway soundtracks------

Menu:… 9th Gateway

Level1:… I am old but yet Young

level2:… Youthin theme

Level3:… My last wish, my last hour

I made these musics by ONLY using my voice, my chair and hadns and a sound program to create these songs. I also used some stuff i have in front of my computer table, or stuff in my kitchen :3
The meaning of these songs are supposed to be mystical. Now listen to them and give me critics :3

Stalker The Legend of Tark


(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

Current list of OC Characters…

It is still growing, but you can still chose your favorite!

My Sweet Bro Comic

1st page…
2nd page…
3rd page…
4th page…
5th page…

(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

If you want to visit my channel at youtube look here…
Personality test result i got from an website

You are Girlish

You Are 20 Boyish and 80 Girlish!

-Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
----Best Friends------
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
-------Very friendly friends-------
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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Nordic and Celtic music
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: UT2004, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee


I am a Hello Kitty FanBoy and a RPG game designer.I love to draw pictures using MS Paint and Photoshop.

And to make things clear, i am openly bisexual if someone asks.
If you got problems with that, consult your nearest junkyard. lol.

Current Residence: Planet Ilos
Favourite genre of music: mostly game music
Favourite style of art: Anything Cartoonish
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Personal Quote: Sure thing!

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