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Artist | Digital Art
I am an artist with a great pashion for indie games and game making. I love to draw art with Paint.Net.

I consider myself to be, a bit of a jack of all trades. I dont have (or atleast think i dont) have a style that i focus mainly on.
Depending on my mood or reasons, you might see these following types of art.
Fanarts, traps (aka girly guys), cartoonish, somewhat more realistic, 3D arts and some other stuff. It all depends on waht i feel like doing.
For the most part, girly guys are probably my favorite type of art i do, so you might see me upload more of those.
I may also upload some chibi styled arts from time to time

Also, for newcommers, what i have is Aphasia, wich is a dreaded brain damage i got as a kid, wich has casued me all sorts of
problems. If you like to know more about it, you may use Google about it.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
:squee: -My Best Bud ever!- :squee:
----My Friends-----
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel: :iconsakurabel: :iconxartisticsparkx:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:


Random Doodle#1 by Cebius
Random Doodle#1
Did some little doodling. I went and added a little tooth gap, jsut like the protagonist in BH6 has. If it looks good or not i dunno, but hey, doodling is fun to do without doing that mcuh effort.
I mgiht be doign more doodles at one point.
The Caged Angel
Oh man this one took alot of time, but it sure was worth it. Now, what is this art all about?
Now before i get into the details, i got a question myself. When you see a person, especialy those that appears to be in pain, do you confort them, or tell them to stop overreacting?
Whatever the case might be, the true fact stands. There are people who suffers, especialy emotionaly after a long period of time of physical abuse, withdrawal, verbaly abused or any kind of intensive pain.
Alot of people tend to avoid confrontation with these kind of people, and for what reasons, its different between person to person, but the most common to my understanding, is that, tehy have not experienced
the same pain, thus, is incapable of understanding it.

Anyways, what this art represents, is a so called A Caged Angel, being inprisoned in a crippled, tainted, rusty cage, and this angel, is begging to be free from this pain.
The dark figure on the bottom represents the tainted, rusty cage, and the tubes connected to it, well, it can represent many things depending on the person, including the inprisonment of the drug abuse, or perhaps being chained
by a dark, painful past that refuses to go away, wahtever the case may be.
The Top figure represents the Caged Angel that is chained to the tainted body, and had to endure the long, slow pain, and in due time, is begging for the pain to stop.
This art is dedicated for people that have, or currently is in, a deep pain. The said pain can be anything really, but after a long period of time, the soul that the body contains gets tainted and damaged.
I myself admit, is one of them due to my past that left permament scars. While wounds can heal, the scars remains, and for many people, these scars can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The art shows that, within such a tainted, damaged body, sleeps a beautiful soul, a caged angel, that despite such intensive pain, can create, do and change so many things.
For example, an artist with such pains, might be creating the most mindblowing, most beautiful artwork that anyone could even dream to do.
Or perhaps that, despite what they experienced, they fight for waht they love, and not letting their crippled body or soul stop them.

So wahtever you may think about someone who is in deep pain, dont be judgemental. You maybe havnet experienced the same thing as they had, but show some respect to them.
It might not be visible to you, but their struggle is real.

---Technical stuff---
When i made this art, i learned quite a few new things, including the details on the metal platings and lightning. The color correction was also something new i tried out and see if it would look good. 
The biggest challange was the pipes, or tubes, such as the lightning and the details itself. I originaly wanted to make it also plated, kinda make it more industrial, but that would take alot more time to do.
I went on and decided to give the art a macabre, sci-fi look to it.
Prompt0 OC: Klikt Fanart by Cebius
Prompt0 OC: Klikt Fanart
Now this one was an interesting art to draw. For those that doesnt like spiders this is all kinds of nope lol, or atelast i think it is a spider hybrid of some kind.
In anycase, this is an fanart of :iconprompt0: 's Oc, Klikt. The Neon colors and glowing effects where fun to make and the dark shadings with the shiny parts where mixing togheter just nicely.
This character was inspired by the avatar of 
prompt0, wich you can probably see from the icon.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Cizin Behind view Booty
This is basicly a behind view of a similar art of Cizin, wich you can see here…
What i did here with the coloring and shading was a similar take from my previous art, Fairy Light…
This gave the art a bit smoother look. But since this tecnique is still pretty new, his skin color is a bit lighter than it sould, but hey, i might fix it on a later date.

I will later update teh front view with this new shading technique and see if it will look good, as i stated before, i did a rough edit while i was in poland as i didnt had the file with me at the time.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Prompt0 Art Trade: Hiro
So me and :iconprompt0: decided to do an art trade, and the character that i was tasked to make was this character, named Hiro.
I gotta admit, i wasnt expecting this one, but on the other hand, he was a fun character to draw.
Just like with my previous art, i learned some new things when drawing this, and the original design and art that was based on what pretty cute. The fur details where a bit tricky.
But the crystals where fun to make actualy, and Paint.Net's brushes really gave them some neat
effects. I probably made some details wrong, but i did my best.

At the moment, Primt0's art isnt done yet but once he has uploaded it, i will update the description with a link to it.

I put the art on mature content just to be safe.

Critics and comments are wellcome.
Well, that was fast wasnt it? In my previous journal entry, i stated that i was working on a master peice of an art, well, that one
was done the same day and uploaded, wich is this one Phantasy Star Online Fanart: Racaseal Girl by Cebius
Now, if this was my masterpeice art where i did my very best, how come it was done so fast? Well let me explain, and it making more sense.
Normaly when i draw arts, i usualy multitask. It can go like this, draw some lines or shapes, then switches to a youtube video, then abck again drawing, then
go and play something for a few minutes, alt tab back to the art etc etc.

This time forever, i focused completely on the art itself. No disctractions, no multitasking, nothing, just focus, wich was why it was done the same day.
Now even if it was uploaded the same day, is it still my best? Well yes it is.

Anyways, some other news here. As the title said, i am thnking of starting uploading some mousepad prints. What kind of prints is something i am currently
playing around with in my head for now. I let you guys and gals know more when i done something.

That be all for now.
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  • Listening to: 80s music
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  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: GRAV, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee

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