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Cizin The Bunny Guy by Cebius
Cizin The Bunny Guy
Its been very difficult to fight against the art block recently, but my brain did a brainfart, and this character was made.

Here we have Cizin, a humanoid bunny guy.
On this art, i did some new things to try out, such as a different way to make the eyes. His eyes have a star like reflection that is unique to him of my characters.
Will i be mkaing more arts of him? Depends on how the art blocks strikes or not, we see.

I did also managed to make a propper chibi character for once that look somewhat decent i guess.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Cerbius Armored Version by Cebius
Cerbius Armored Version
Another art, another day.

As promised from my previous art, here is teh armored version of Cerbius.
---Arti info----
Cerbius's armor is built from nano-fibered metal like material that is elastic durning movements. When the clothing gets into contact of kinetic energy or other possible damage potential hazzards, the armor changes its density to such levels that armor peircing bullets cant penetrate. The armor itself is heavly sensitive to EMP weaponry (While Cerbius is inmune to it).

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Cerbius New Design ArmorLess Version by Cebius
Cerbius New Design ArmorLess Version
Well this took some time to make, but its done.

For a long time, i always wanted to redesign Cerbius, as his old design is getting, well, dated.
His old design, wich you cna see here Cerbius is a Solid 6 years old now, and if you wanna go back further, there this design Very old Cerbius 3D Object and this one, while uploaded later, was made back in 2001 with a game making program called 3D Game Studio, wich was an ancient game making tool wich had an inbuilt 3D mdoeling program. Primitive yes, but fun at the time.

Now, the new design is alot smoother and easier to make (Will be adding the armored version later on).
------------Character info--------------------

Cerbius is a techno-organic cyborg created as a weapon on the planet Tribas. In order to fully controll his actions, the scientist team gave him fake memories in wich he thinks he has experienced, but he later figured out that
he was used as a weapon.

One day the complex was attacked by an enemy merc force, and under the chaos of the attack, Cerbius's sibblings all escaped (All wich are named after greek letters and numbers).
After the chaos was over, the scientists, as a thanks for saving them, promise Cerbius to tell him about his true origin if he managed to re-capture his sibblings that escaped the chaos.
Cerbius, while tall, is a gentle giant. He favors spears in combat but often uses his body as a weapon on itself, as it can weight over a ton with his armor on. 

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Karus The Renaissance Robot by Cebius
Karus The Renaissance Robot
There we go, the first art of 2015.

I always had problems with poses and stances, as i never really managed to make them look good, but i figure out that i might as well try out doing a robot at first, wich ended
up with this thing instead. The coloring and shading is also somewhat different from my previous arts, as most usualy have this black outline, wich are blocks of pixels. Here,
i tried to make it look softer. Some of the ideas of this character was also a bit inspired from AstroBoy, but not 100% really, just some bits and peices.
Karus is a clockwork robot created by a skilled weapon engineer durning the renaissance era.  Just like his master, he is skilled on making muskets and flintlocks, wich he gained skill in making after his master, wich
became a hobby of his. When his master fell into a coma, Karus decided to seek out a way to revive him.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Happy Holidays 2014 by Cebius
Happy Holidays 2014
It seems that my christmass present was a art block lifitng, i guess i put it to good use lol.

The Characters you see here are 2 protagonists from 2 indie games.
To the left, we have Vi, from Wings of Vi,
To The Right, a Coffee Making Robot from The Desolate Hope.

I bought those 2 games after :iconpoka-sorm: gave me a Steam Gift Card.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday!

Also, this be the last art from 2014 i think. After that, 2015!

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Its been 7 years since i joined Deviantart, man time fleis by now does it? Now, you might wonder, why i made this journal entry.
For those who have sticked around ever since i joined, might have some idea, but for those new ones, well, let me tell you.

back in the early years of DA, i was known as the Hello Kitty Fanboy, and i think that was the reason people watched me.
I drew alot of hello kittyy related arts or showing photos of Hello Kitty plushies or items and so on.
But then, one day, i suddenly stopped drawing her. What happend?

If you are an artist, you might get the idea on how it feels of drawing the same thing over and over again, and focusing on only 1 thing.
As i grew as an artist, i began to experiment, especialy durning my depressing moments of my life back in 2009 and 2010 if i remember
correctly. Those who where around at the time, probalby remember and seen those, well, was bloody, macabre and horror filled arts.
Some might have been wondering at the time what my problem was. Most of it was a personal thing, but i can tell you it was at the time
the msot depressing time of my life when i made those arts.

Even after getting back up in my mood, i still didnt draw any Hello Kitty arts at all, and i am not even faving such arts either anymore.
For many of you watchers, many of you started watching me for Hello Kitty arts, atleast the early ones back in the day, i am sorry for
disapointing you, but i am not at activly of a fan of HK as i was before.
Ofcorse dont get me wrong, i still like HK, but as much as i did before 7 years ago.

As of drawing arts, i try my best to upload more frequently, and i try my damn ebst to release the darn Eddie meduza Game that i have been polishing.

Well thats about it, a small histroy leason for you all. Got any request of art? Let me knwo and i see what i can do.

-----9th Gateway soundtracks------

Menu:… 9th Gateway

Level1:… I am old but yet Young

level2:… Youthin theme

Level3:… My last wish, my last hour

I made these musics by ONLY using my voice, my chair and hadns and a sound program to create these songs. I also used some stuff i have in front of my computer table, or stuff in my kitchen :3
The meaning of these songs are supposed to be mystical. Now listen to them and give me critics :3

Stalker The Legend of Tark


(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

Current list of OC Characters…

It is still growing, but you can still chose your favorite!

My Sweet Bro Comic

1st page…
2nd page…
3rd page…
4th page…
5th page…

(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

If you want to visit my channel at youtube look here…
Personality test result i got from an website

You are Girlish

You Are 20 Boyish and 80 Girlish!

-Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
----Best Friends------
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
-------Very friendly friends-------
:iconmashi:  :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Nordic and Celtic music
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: UT2004, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee


I am a Hello Kitty FanBoy and a RPG game designer.I love to draw pictures using MS Paint and Photoshop.

And to make things clear, i am openly bisexual if someone asks.
If you got problems with that, consult your nearest junkyard. lol.

Current Residence: Planet Ilos
Favourite genre of music: mostly game music
Favourite style of art: Anything Cartoonish
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Personal Quote: Sure thing!

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