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Steven Universe: Rose Quartz by Cebius
Steven Universe: Rose Quartz
This one certainly took alot of time, and its finaly done.
Anyways, what we see here is Rose Quartz, a character from Steven Universe, and ofcorse, Krysantemum, my OC, going all crazy and cheering.

The hardest and longest part was to draw Rose's hair. Now, Rose, your hair is gorgeous, but man it was hard to draw it! but hey it got finished and doesnt look so bad.
Another hard part was to draw her gemstone, as the reflection and properties of a gemstone is a difficult task and i never really done doing so before, so i took the next best logical step and
did something, just hope it looks good atleast.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Megadon says Hi by Cebius
Megadon says Hi
Just some random piece of art. Some time ago i made an art of this entity here…
As stated in the previous art of him, i had a dream where he was in it, and i actualy liked the concept of him, but drawing him at first never really gave him a personality, until now that
is. This 4 eyed cutie is filled with optimism, even during the most difficult times.

His design as shown is of a feminine guy with slender body, 4 glowing eyes and long, fluffy hair. His body is silky smooth and reflects light very easly, giving him a more gleaming look.

I be definitly be drawing him more in the future.

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Lightning and liquid Tests
This is more or less of a test for lightning effects and liquids, such as water, glowing water, so the art itself isnt as polished as my previous ones.
I am full aware that the left shoulder is completely black, but didnt feel like fixing that.
Also, putting this on moderate mature content list just to be sure.........cause nipples....HIDE YOUR KIDS!

Comments and critics regarding the lightning and liquid are wellcome.
Art Trade: Charlotte The Maid. by Cebius
Art Trade: Charlotte The Maid.
This is technicly my very first art trade with another artist, so i hope i did something right lol.
Anyways, this is Charlotte, an character made by the artist :iconsakurabel:
I choose Charlotte since she is my favorite out of Sakurabel's characters, as she is the cutest of the bunch :3

Here is the link to the original art of Charlotte…

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Shantae Fanart: RottyTops by Cebius
Shantae Fanart: RottyTops
What comes to mind if you hear the word zombie? A brain eating creature going slowly towards you? That is a common fact really, unless you meet Rottytops.
Rottytops and her 2 brothers and others of her faction, are a rare collection of so called tame zombies who, apparently, gets civilized thanks to coffee.
What causes their tame behavior due to coffee is not known, but it is true though, that without coffee, they turn back to their, slow, brain eating state.
I havent drawn so many arts on such a short time, but i am not complaining

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Well, it certainly has been many many years since i choose a new DA icon, and the 2 times i changed was on Hello Kitty.
Havent changed since, until now.

I thoguht of choosing my Self portrait art as my new icon. Much more fresh and new.

in other news, well, what more? I guess that The Eddie Meduza project is almost out the door, i just have to figure out how to pack the game and make it as easy to install as possible,
but we see how it will go.

That be all for now folks.

-----9th Gateway soundtracks------

Menu:… 9th Gateway

Level1:… I am old but yet Young

level2:… Youthin theme

Level3:… My last wish, my last hour

I made these musics by ONLY using my voice, my chair and hadns and a sound program to create these songs. I also used some stuff i have in front of my computer table, or stuff in my kitchen :3
The meaning of these songs are supposed to be mystical. Now listen to them and give me critics :3

Stalker The Legend of Tark


(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

Current list of OC Characters…

It is still growing, but you can still chose your favorite!

My Sweet Bro Comic

1st page…
2nd page…
3rd page…
4th page…
5th page…

(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

If you want to visit my channel at youtube look here…
Personality test result i got from an website

You are Girlish

You Are 20 Boyish and 80 Girlish!

-Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
----Best Friends------
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
-------Very friendly friends-------
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Nordic and Celtic music
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: UT2004, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee


I am a Hello Kitty FanBoy and a RPG game designer.I love to draw pictures using MS Paint and Photoshop.

And to make things clear, i am openly bisexual if someone asks.
If you got problems with that, consult your nearest junkyard. lol.

Current Residence: Planet Ilos
Favourite genre of music: mostly game music
Favourite style of art: Anything Cartoonish
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Personal Quote: Sure thing!

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