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The Gemini Blades by Cebius
The Gemini Blades
This is basicly a part 2 of my previous art, Fairy Light. At the time, i wasnt thinking of doing anything more with that art or anything, but now, i think i do know what to do.
For those who remember, i used to write a fan-ficiton story called Stalker The Legend of Tark, but i later canceled it.
Right now, i am thinking of writing a whole new, original story instead.

----Setting of the story------
The Gemini Blades takes place about 2 thousand years into the future, after a cataclysmic event
happened that divided mankind into tribes and clans, and are now using outdated, half-forgotten

Due to the cataclysmic event, it has caused extreme mutation to th wildlife and nature of
planet earth, and many animals, such as many kinds of lizards, have become large, winged creature
nicknamed dragons, and normaly small critters are now massive, titan sized monstrosities.

Many ruins of the old world still stands as a testament of mankind, but are seen as
sacred ground by the religious people.

The characters you see here are the 2 protagonists, Luco and Lamia. Both where adopted by 2 seperate families, they later find eachother at one point.
At the beginning, they thoguht that their mirror like reflection of eachother was a coincidence, but it laters turns out that tehy are both, infact, twins.

Lamia is a hyperactive, adventurous fairy like humanoid that acts as a scout and recon for the tribe she lives with. Her adoptive parents, and the ancestors of that family, where
renowned bakers, though for Lamia, it doesnt really interest her.

Luco is a shy, sensitive guy who tend to avoid trouble as much as possible. While not prefering combat, his agility and finess with the M1 Garand makes him unmatched.
Due to a past accident, he received a brain damage, causing him to stutter or repeat things. This has caused people to get mostly anoyed by him, but for Lamia, it seems a natural
thing to deal with. In his village, he is nicknaked Luco The Crybaby, since Luco often cries, especialy during his stuttering when ti gets worse at times.

Some time after Luco and Lamia have foudn out about that they are twin sibblings, they decided to try to find their real father who seems have gone missing many years ago, while also trying
to avoid the wars that happens between tribes and clans around the ruined world of earth.
This one took alot more time to draw this time, but i tihnk i nailed it.
When i wanted ot uplaod this art however, Deviantart was unwilling to take it. Strangely, it worked by rezising the image about, 1%. Yeah..

Comments and critics are wellcome.
Fairy Light by Cebius
Fairy Light
Not often i put on the mature content feature on, because, on behold, nipple!
Yeah, better be safe than sorry.

Anyways, this time i felt like drawing something closer to realism, but at the same time adding fantasy theme to it.
I have to say that, this was the most difficult, but at the same time, the best art i ever made.

While the art could need some more fine tuning, i think i am satisfied with it. I really do like how the lips turned out

Comments and critics are wellcome.
The Broken Mind by Cebius
The Broken Mind
Here is a comic strip that i made that represents a historical event that happened to me as a kid. Back in 2002, i was struck in the head with a crowbar by my father for being disobidient.
What effect it had on my mind made me into a human shaped potato, but there was one faithful day that happend, when my mother brought me a specific game, a game that i will always remember playing on
my gameboy.

As the comic states, the game Shantae certainly had some healing to my broken mind. How exacly you might wonder? Well take a look at this video…
The guy at the video will explain on how the brain works regarding video games and it will make more sense after you watched it.
If you dont prefere watching it, i can try and explain to you.

The open ended nature and the puzzles of the game Shantae, basicly forced my brain to repair itself by strengthen the connection to the neurons, but in order to do so, it had to physicly alter itself to
reach them. The more i played the game, the stronger the connection to the neurons, and better i became on playing it, and easier it was for me to regain my mental health.
While it didnt had a massive healing power on its own, it did infact set a chain reaction afterwards that made me recover years to come, and that comic you see, represents
what happened so to speak in my mind.

Now, i am certain that if i had a different game, it would have worked mine, such as Tetris, wich i think would have been a better choice, but at the time, this is what i had.
if it was Mario on the gameboy, the healing effect wouldnt have been the same since Mario was alot more straight forward and easier, so even with a crippled mind, it was possible to beat the game, but
with Shantae, my mind had to do some repairs to actualy complete stuff in it.

This year, 2015, 2 new Shantae games was released on Steam, and due to my past experience, i bought them both. Playing those 2 games on steam felt nostalgic, even if i never played them before.
I guess you can say that, playing them is like re-experience your childhood in higher definition, but this time, my mind was not in the same mess, and playing them wasnt as difficult (i sould definitly replay the old
game at one point).

Hope that all this make some sense to you guys and gals
Happy FishNeck (Completed) by Cebius
Happy FishNeck (Completed)
To be honest here, i never drawn a animal that has this anatomy, like dogs, cats and such, but it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be.
In anycase, Around 2 years or so, i won an auction that  Kinla was hosting, and i won the 4th creature on the list.
I originaly wanted to draw this one back then right after i won, but i was unable to do so with MS Paint, but now with Paint.Net, its finaly possible.

Now i finaly got it done. it was quite fun drawing this, and i really dig the new design that Kinla choose for her Fishneck species.
As before, i be making a mousepad out of this, as my old one is getting, worn out lol.

Critics and comments are wellcome. 
OC: Fiffi Wool by Cebius
OC: Fiffi Wool
This one certainly took some more time to make.
This time i wanted to try a more realistic body design, but ended up creating this, a humanoid goat gal.
I think i did some mroe progression regarding the shading and shadowing, and i tihnk i get a hang of making lips.

Apparently, my windows dindt like me working on this art when it was over 10k in pixels in size, so i had to srink it before posting it.

Anyways, i might make more arts of this character when i come up with something, like a backstory and whatnot.

Too see most of the details better, you can click on the download link to take a closer look, but remember that the art is around 5k in pixel size.

Comments and Critics are wellcome.
Well, it certainly has been many many years since i choose a new DA icon, and the 2 times i changed was on Hello Kitty.
Havent changed since, until now.

I thoguht of choosing my Self portrait art as my new icon. Much more fresh and new.

in other news, well, what more? I guess that The Eddie Meduza project is almost out the door, i just have to figure out how to pack the game and make it as easy to install as possible,
but we see how it will go.

That be all for now folks.

-----9th Gateway soundtracks------

Menu:… 9th Gateway

Level1:… I am old but yet Young

level2:… Youthin theme

Level3:… My last wish, my last hour

I made these musics by ONLY using my voice, my chair and hadns and a sound program to create these songs. I also used some stuff i have in front of my computer table, or stuff in my kitchen :3
The meaning of these songs are supposed to be mystical. Now listen to them and give me critics :3

Stalker The Legend of Tark


(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

Current list of OC Characters…

It is still growing, but you can still chose your favorite!

My Sweet Bro Comic

1st page…
2nd page…
3rd page…
4th page…
5th page…

(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

If you want to visit my channel at youtube look here…
Personality test result i got from an website

You are Girlish

You Are 20 Boyish and 80 Girlish!

-Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
----Best Friends------
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
-------Very friendly friends-------
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Nordic and Celtic music
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: UT2004, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee


I am a Hello Kitty FanBoy and a RPG game designer.I love to draw pictures using MS Paint and Photoshop.

And to make things clear, i am openly bisexual if someone asks.
If you got problems with that, consult your nearest junkyard. lol.

Current Residence: Planet Ilos
Favourite genre of music: mostly game music
Favourite style of art: Anything Cartoonish
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Personal Quote: Sure thing!

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