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Eden ''One'', Hand of God by Cebius
Eden ''One'', Hand of God
I am on a art rampage, thats for sure. This time, i made another art and this time is on Eden ''One'', who holds a skull. His god like abilities make sthe skull be overgrown with plant life.

In this art, i experimented with different light conditions and such. I am still far away from making decent arts, but i am getting there i think.

Critics and comments are wellcome.
Zenith Corp Robots by Cebius
Zenith Corp Robots
Remember my last art where i mentioned this massive dream? Well there is more.
This time i be covering a robot producing corperation called Zenith Corp.
Their constrcts have many different versions and series, some older some newer.

All Zenith Androids share many thigns with eachother, mainly their arms, wich are attached with
an advanced Zero-Gravity magnetic field to hold them in place. The serial for each Zenith Andorid is
listed below.

700 Construction Series: These hulking robots where built mainly for construction works.
Their oversized arms and strong plating making them ideal for dangerous tasks that would
often be fatal for humans to handle. While low intelligence, the 700 series dont take insults

400 Series: An discontinued line of androids. The 400 series where originaly the main line of
civilians for the Zenith Andoid race, but their strength and their unstable minds made them dangerous.
After discontinuing, the 400 series that remains went into disrepair, and currently, only 1 exist.

500 Police Series: Due to the mass demand for law enforcement, the Zenith Corp mass produced a large
amount of 500 Series. Unlike their sibblings, these lack legs and got them replaced with hovering
pulse technology for flight, making it easier for them to pursuit criminals.
Due to their cheap mass production quality, makes them easy to hack and go rampant.
Their right arm, unlike the rest of the Zenith andoids, has been replaced with a multi-purpose
cannon to be used for law enforcement.

Eden ''One'': As the name suggests, he is the first prototype ever built by the Zenith Corp.
Originaly, The Zenith Corp wanted to build a test model, but what they ended up creating, was a god.
Testing revealed that not only does Eden possess a free will, sentience and the ability to reason, but he
also possess the ability to create life (And can easly take it away). There are many things that
makes Eden a mystery, 2 in wich baffles the scientists.
One being that each step Eden takes, his feet leaves behind fully grown plants and grass ripe with life.
Another thing is his halo that hovers above his head, similar that to a stereotype angel.
His creation also somehow gave him long, silky hair. Any scans of this hair always returned as blank, as if it never existed.

Another thing that made the scientist question their sense of reality, is Eden's capabilities of resurrecting
dead people. Regardless how the said person has died, may it be killed by a weapon, by age, by diseases and more,
he can bring them back as he see fit. Due this intensive powers, he is responsible to 2 major events that
changed mankind forever, The Zenith Incident and The Mutant Cataclysm. 4000 years since his creation, little
to no people have seen Eden since, but myths tells that he wanders the wasteland, decorating it with life.
The day he left, he said one last word that to this day, still baffles scientists and religious people
alike. Wich was as follows *Your God left behind a job he could not complete. I am simply going to finish it.*.

Voidus: A mysterious figure in his own right. The Zenith Corp refuses to give out any information about
this andoid, though it is speculated that Voidus is a discontinued military grade andoid, but no proof has
shown any vital signs. One Zenith Corp staff member suggested that Voidus is a Bootleg copy, or possibly
made by a rouge splinter group within the facility. Whatever the case may be, Voidus is a dangerous, consider
that he is indestructible. Voidus tend to stay away from other Zenith Andoids if possible unless
they confrotn him.

He finds Eden ''One'' to be, as his words suggest, pathetic. To his definition, he thinks that Eden's
intensive powers are being wasted on ''life'', and tried multible times to tempt Eden to fight,
but to no use. To Eden, he sees that act as ''A sad atempt to gain something, as a greedy child.''.

Thats another art uploaded.  I be definitly be making more, perhaps another batch of more Zenith Android series.
One thing to note in the art is the lightning. I dont know how i did it, but i somehow managed to get a very nice lightning condition.

Critis and Comments are wellcome.
Stolen Dreams by Cebius
Stolen Dreams
I have been sick since sunday last week, but it is now that i got the strength to draw. But on sunday night, when i was the sickest my body could allow, i had the most detailed, most immersive and most
incredible dream i have ever seen. There was so mcuh in that dream that it be difficutl to cover it in one art, but i went and selected a few important parts and i do my best to explain.
As you can see, i placed numbers on each character, thus making it easier for you to understand who these guys are, so read below.

First, the world itself. From what i remember, its earth but unlike we remember it. It had a cyberpunk look to it and the sky was glowing in neon cyan.
The main city was populated by humans and androids and mutants, and the law enforcement was cybernetic cops.
I remembe rone main building that was udnerground and had these waterfalls as decorations, wich looked very nice. Felt humid though.

In any case, here is the list of characters, in numbers.

#1# Charlie: This guy is a normal computer nerd from the year 2015. With no military backround or any form of such training, he stays indoors to play video games. But one day, a portal of some kind, sucked him in, and he was transported 7000 years into the future. The earth he knew, was now gone. he was now in a world of an post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world. The platform he landed on was a transport vehicle, commonly used on a specific transist system. On it, he met this merc guy, Rognar(#2). Later on, while managed to get to the main city, they got attacked by a cybernetic cops patrol. While it was dire, they got saved by Aribeth(#3), a shapeshifter mutant.
She was equaly hunted by them, indicating that the police force has been tampered. Charlie, while unable to get back to 2015, decided to stay and solve this mystery.

#2# Rognar: A mercernary, and always a loner. Aside from most of his prostetic replacements, he is mostly human. He lost his right arm from a police pursuit, from wich he replaced with an arm cannon.
He later finds Charlie. While suprised to see someone from 2015, he is only midly impressed, but Charlie's pressence caused the cybernetic police force to take action. This forces Rognar to take action.
Later on, Rognar gave Charlie a A.R.M.C, wich stands for Armed-Ranged-Magma-Cannon, wich is a special kind of a weapon that allows him to fight. He gave him this to help Rognar out to pay the dept of destroying the
cops durning the pursuit. The jacket Rognar has, is made out of a special kind of a material that changes density depending on what hits it, making it ideal as a armor.

#3# Aribeth: This 12 year old girl, while innocent in appearance, has a spirit adventurous and dangerous, and has powers that is matchless. She is capable of shapeshifting if she knows the biological, and mechanical buildup of said object. She meets up with Charlie and Rognar to find out what happened to the police force that spontaniously attacks people.

#4# Delta: Delta is an ancient, discontinued 400 Zenith Series Android. While crude and primitive in design, the 400 series where strong and sturdy, but this made them dangerous. The models where replaced by their new 500 series. All the remaining 400 series to this day are either destroyed, broken beyond repair, or stay hidden. Delta is an 700 year old 400 series, and her lack of maintenance, put her to disrepair. She was found by Charlie and the gang. To his compassion, he insisted of helping her out, and they managed to get her to a repairman who works on anceint tech. After her treatment, she sees Charlie as her new master.

#5# Voidus: This mysterious dark figure is unpredictable. It is unknown what his origin is and where he came from. His cybernetic design is similar that to the Zenith robot designs, but The Zenith Corp refuses to tell any details of this figure, nor acknowledge his existance. Some people speculate that Voidus is an disconntinued military grade android, but there has not being any solid proof of this claim. Voidus, when pursuiting a prey, the said people will feel headaches, dizzyness and theri vision distorded for a few seconds. There has been reports that he is indestructible regardless how powerful the said prey is. One day he decided to attack Charlie and the gang.
To his suprise, Delta, while ancient, matches closely to his physical strength, but her lack of military training, she cant do much to help aside form improvising. Rognar, while skilled, was defenceless against Voidus. Aribeth's shapeshifting abilities can be completely disabled from Voidus' energy pulse that he emits at random. For whatever reason, he leaves Charlie alone unless he fights back.
It certainly feels good to draw again now that i am not as sick as a dog, so you be seeing more arts from me.

Critics and comments are wellcome.
Cizin likes Easter Candy by Cebius
Cizin likes Easter Candy
Cizin loves candy, what more is there ot tell?

In any case, since its easter, i thought of making an art, and cizin fitts this since he is a rabbit too.

Comments and critics are wellcome.

EDIT: Also to note, i still cant draw hands! urgh.
CherryButts: Sai and Merngo Fanart by Cebius
CherryButts: Sai and Merngo Fanart
When my art block went its mery way again, i tookt he oppertunity to draw. At the beginning, i didnt knew what i draw, but :iconkinla: uploaded a few cute arts and gave me some insperations.
From left to right, we have Sai and Merngo

Sai and Merngo belongs to :iconkinla:, while Sai was made as a commission for :iconcreativecorpse: , both in wich are very talented artists. Please check them out and maybe even give them a watch, a llama and other stuff.

Cherrybutt are a closed species (Witch was a collaboration between :iconkinla: and :iconkemikel:)

Comment and Critis are wellcome.

Also, thanks to :iconkinla: for correcting me on Sai's name lol
Its been 7 years since i joined Deviantart, man time fleis by now does it? Now, you might wonder, why i made this journal entry.
For those who have sticked around ever since i joined, might have some idea, but for those new ones, well, let me tell you.

back in the early years of DA, i was known as the Hello Kitty Fanboy, and i think that was the reason people watched me.
I drew alot of hello kittyy related arts or showing photos of Hello Kitty plushies or items and so on.
But then, one day, i suddenly stopped drawing her. What happend?

If you are an artist, you might get the idea on how it feels of drawing the same thing over and over again, and focusing on only 1 thing.
As i grew as an artist, i began to experiment, especialy durning my depressing moments of my life back in 2009 and 2010 if i remember
correctly. Those who where around at the time, probalby remember and seen those, well, was bloody, macabre and horror filled arts.
Some might have been wondering at the time what my problem was. Most of it was a personal thing, but i can tell you it was at the time
the msot depressing time of my life when i made those arts.

Even after getting back up in my mood, i still didnt draw any Hello Kitty arts at all, and i am not even faving such arts either anymore.
For many of you watchers, many of you started watching me for Hello Kitty arts, atleast the early ones back in the day, i am sorry for
disapointing you, but i am not at activly of a fan of HK as i was before.
Ofcorse dont get me wrong, i still like HK, but as much as i did before 7 years ago.

As of drawing arts, i try my best to upload more frequently, and i try my damn ebst to release the darn Eddie meduza Game that i have been polishing.

Well thats about it, a small histroy leason for you all. Got any request of art? Let me knwo and i see what i can do.

-----9th Gateway soundtracks------

Menu:… 9th Gateway

Level1:… I am old but yet Young

level2:… Youthin theme

Level3:… My last wish, my last hour

I made these musics by ONLY using my voice, my chair and hadns and a sound program to create these songs. I also used some stuff i have in front of my computer table, or stuff in my kitchen :3
The meaning of these songs are supposed to be mystical. Now listen to them and give me critics :3

Stalker The Legend of Tark


(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

Current list of OC Characters…

It is still growing, but you can still chose your favorite!

My Sweet Bro Comic

1st page…
2nd page…
3rd page…
4th page…
5th page…

(Please note that this story is on hold til further notice)

If you want to visit my channel at youtube look here…
Personality test result i got from an website

You are Girlish

You Are 20 Boyish and 80 Girlish!

-Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
----Best Friends------
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
-------Very friendly friends-------
:iconmashi:  :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Nordic and Celtic music
  • Reading: SCP Subject Pages
  • Watching: Markiplier videos
  • Playing: UT2004, Warframe and Wildstar
  • Eating: Random
  • Drinking: Coffee


I am a Hello Kitty FanBoy and a RPG game designer.I love to draw pictures using MS Paint and Photoshop.

And to make things clear, i am openly bisexual if someone asks.
If you got problems with that, consult your nearest junkyard. lol.

Current Residence: Planet Ilos
Favourite genre of music: mostly game music
Favourite style of art: Anything Cartoonish
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Personal Quote: Sure thing!

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