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The goal of these points is so that i can become a Core Member. With that membership, i be able to do alot
more things for my watchers, and pimp up my DA page and make it more appealing.
This is entirerly optimal and not required.

If the goal is reached, i will make a big Thank You art for all of you.

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Artist | Digital Art
I am an artist with a great pashion for indie games and game making. I love to draw art with Paint.Net.

I consider myself to be, a bit of a jack of all trades. I dont have (or atleast think i dont) have a style that i focus mainly on.
Depending on my mood or reasons, you might see these following types of art.
Fanarts, traps (aka girly guys), cartoonish, somewhat more realistic, 3D arts and some other stuff. It all depends on waht i feel like doing.
For the most part, girly guys are probably my favorite type of art i do, so you might see me upload more of those.
I may also upload some chibi styled arts from time to time

Also, for newcommers, what i have is Aphasia, wich is a dreaded brain damage i got as a kid, wich has casued me all sorts of
problems. If you like to know more about it, you may use Google about it.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
:squee: :heart: -My dearest platonic friend and the most amazing artist ever!-:heart: :squee:
:tighthug: Whatever happens, i will never give up on you. :tighthug:
My Friends
:iconmattex01: :iconkinla:
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel: :iconsakurabel: :iconxartisticsparkx:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:


OC Art: Vale Fluff
I always loved the Forgotten Vale area in Skyrim's expansion Dawnguard. The areas, the nature, and its creatures, wcih are animals that have glowing spots and shapes on their fur, and i thought of making an Oc based on that, and like before, using an incredibly lovely base made by my best friend.

I originaly wanted to add antlers, but i was thinking that might overdo the details on it.


If you seek the base, you can buy it here, alongside with other really lovely bases
The base is owned by vertege 

Do not by any means, trace, or copy either my work, nor the base itself. If you want the base, follow the link above.
Fiery Angel
I had this OC completed on my HDD for awhile but didnt had time to upload it, but now i decided to finish it up and upload it. Like some of the Ocs i made, was made using the lovely bases from my best friend. This one i tried to experiment on making wings and feathers, wcih has often been a problem drawing.

I got 2 more bases to try out, wcih i am eager to try out soon.


If you seek the base, you can buy it here, alongside with other really lovely bases
The base is owned by vertege 

Do not by any means, trace, or copy either my work, nor the base itself. If you want the base, follow the link above.
2017 ID Art
Another art for 2017, and this one took quite some time to make. Both about the whole design to the theme of it, and ofcorse, real life have been kicking me alot latetly (wich was my fault so, i dont blame it).

Here we see me ofcorse with the typical red text wtih some basic stuff to it, plus chibis of people i hold dear to me, and they are all simply amazing people. They are ordered as follows

Right Arm: vertege
Left Shuolder: Kinla 
Untop of the head: Malwa1216 

You guys and gals sould totaly check em out, and give them a watch.

Artwise, i added something small, but very improtant. Know what that is?
Eyelids, and eyelashes.

If you look at my older arts, not that many, if at all, have eyelids, like really? How couldnt i have noticed that? Those poor souls who cant blink!


Got any feedback? Please do share
Random Drider OC Art
We all seen different kinds of humanoid hybrids within the mythology section, like centaurs and all that stuff, but ever heard of a Drider? Quite an interesting hybrid.

The first time i ever heard or seen a Drider before, was in the game Neverwinter Nights, in its last expansion pack Hordes of the Underdark. When reaching a point in the game where you wake up in a village of Drow Elves, you will later discover these, Drow Elf/Spider hybrids called Driders.

I havent seen or heard of such a thing before that, but i found it to be incredibly interesting and cool. During my earlier Ms Paint era, i wanted to make a Drider Oc, but due to the skills at the time, i wasnt able to.

Still i think i could have done better, but then again, practice makes perfect as they say.
As of now i dont know how to name her, but when  find a name i guess i edit this submission.

The backround was made using Vue 9 xStream.

Got any feedback? Please do share!
Alot of things have been going on and, there has been alot of private things that i cannot tell what exacly happened.
But i can tell you this. My old name, Simon, needs to go, and everything that is connected with it.

So during the past couple of days i been in a search for a new name to replace it. now to replace it officualy is gonna
take some time sure, but i gotta start somewhere.

Most of you people might not know my origin, but i can tell you this that the name Simon is only bad news, consider waht i been through, and what it caused.

Since my father is dead, i can finaly move on, but to do so, i need to take one step at a time, make changes.
Not only name wise but alot  of things in my life that hsa been dragged with me since the beginning, and to start that journey, the name needs to go.

If you feel like to check the list, go here…

DOnt know if this link will work, but if it doenst, just comment and i see if i can fix it.

overall, this is the time when when i say goodbye, to Simon. It is about time i remove that part of me.

That be all folks.
  • Listening to: Whatver comes to mind
  • Reading: Whatever i find
  • Watching: Whatever i feel like watching
  • Playing: Whatever i feel like playing
  • Eating: Something
  • Drinking: Coffee



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