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The goal of these points is so that i can become a Core Member. With that membership, i be able to do alot
more things for my watchers, and pimp up my DA page and make it more appealing.
This is entirerly optimal and not required.

If the goal is reached, i will make a big Thank You art for all of you.

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Artist | Digital Art
I am an artist with a great pashion for indie games and game making. I love to draw art with Paint.Net.

I consider myself to be, a bit of a jack of all trades. I dont have (or atleast think i dont) have a style that i focus mainly on.
Depending on my mood or reasons, you might see these following types of art.
Fanarts, traps (aka girly guys), cartoonish, somewhat more realistic, 3D arts and some other stuff. It all depends on waht i feel like doing.
For the most part, girly guys are probably my favorite type of art i do, so you might see me upload more of those.
I may also upload some chibi styled arts from time to time

Also, for newcommers, what i have is Aphasia, wich is a dreaded brain damage i got as a kid, wich has casued me all sorts of
problems. If you like to know more about it, you may use Google about it.

----My love-----
:iconlove: :iconmalwa1216: :iconlove: My Bubbles <3
:squee: :heart: -My dearest platonic friend and the most amazing artist ever!-:heart: :squee:
:tighthug: Whatever happens, i will never give up on you. :tighthug:
My Friends
:iconmattex01: :icondevodvictor:
:iconmashi: :iconxxblueeyesturngrayxx: :iconelf-lithoniel: :iconsakurabel: :iconxartisticsparkx:
:iconmoontoon: :iconpoka-sorm:


Art Trade: Phantom by Cebius
Art Trade: Phantom
XPhantomSoulX and i decided to do an art trade, and this one was pretty fun to draw.

This character, named Phantom, is a masked induvidual with enoguh badassery that last for years hehe.

I had fun drawing this as i tried out doing corona lights.

When the artist is done with his art on his part, i be adding the link here.

Got any feedback? please do share!
Narugia Project: Sigma 2 by Cebius
Narugia Project: Sigma 2
Another take on Sigma with a bit different pose this time. I also did a speedpaint but i dont know when i be showing it but we will see.

If you want some more info about Sigma, you can read it here on the first art i made on him…

Got any feedback? please do share.
Soft Fluff Light by Cebius
Soft Fluff Light
Just another art of an OC given to me by my best friend PROMPT0
This Time i went and tried out with lights and shadows and tried to make the lines lighter and darker depending on the light itself.

Got any feedback? please do share!
OC Art: Eden One by Cebius
OC Art: Eden One
Its been awhile since i made an art on Eden One, but how i got insepration for him? Well back ni April
in 2015, when i was so damn sick from a cold,i had a dream about a post apocalyptic
cyberpunk world that had Humans, mutants and androids living togheter.

Eden ''One'': As the name suggests, is the first prototype ever built by the Zenith Corp.
Originaly, The Zenith Corp wanted to build a test model, but what they ended up creating, was a god.
Testing revealed that not only does Eden possess a free will, sentience and the ability to reason, but he
also possess the ability to create life (And can easly take it away). There are many things that
makes Eden a mystery, 2 in wich baffles the scientists.
One being that each step Eden takes, his feet leaves behind fully grown plants and grass ripe with life.
Another thing is his halo that hovers above his head, similar that to a stereotype angel.
His creation also somehow gave him long, silky hair. Any scans of this hair always returned as blank, as if it never existed.

Another thing that made the scientist question their sense of reality, is Eden's capabilities of resurrecting
dead people. Regardless how the said person has died, may it be killed by a weapon, by age, by diseases and more,
he can bring them back as he see fit. Due this intensive powers, he is responsible to 2 major events that
changed mankind forever, The Zenith Incident and The Mutant Cataclysm. 4000 years since his creation, little
to no people have seen Eden since, but myths tells that he wanders the wasteland, decorating it with life.
The day he left, he said one last word that to this day, still baffles scientists and religious people
alike. Wich was as follows *Your God left behind a job he could not complete. I am simply going to finish it.*.

It was fun drawing him again using my new tools and skills, and he has definitly become one of my most
precious OCs that i have created.

Got any feedback? please do share.
OC Art: Vincenta by Cebius
OC Art: Vincenta
Ever played Age of Empires 3? It was a pretty fun game. Me and my sister :iconpoka-sorm: where playing that game many years ago alongside with
some family memebers. After some time, both me and her got some insperations on making a new OC from this very game.
My sis created her OC Scott, a cowboy who is a skeleton, and me, created Vincenta, a spanish princess.

While i have drawn her a few times before, its been a very long time since i did so. Getting her body right has always been a challange, especialy back when i was using MS Paint, gosh lol.

This time i tried to make a more accurate lighting and shadows and i think it turned out just nicely i think.

Got any feedback? Please do share!
A very talented artist is doing a resell and can use a little help.
More information can be found here in this link to his journal

Love buying adopts? be an angel and help him out Heart 
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